Introducing Cannabis Delivery Through Priscotty, A New Convenient Way To Receive Your Marujana!

Whether you’re looking for more time to do the things you love, circumstances make it hard to get out and about, or simply just want to chill around the house and be lazy (that is perfectly fine, we do this too), Priscotty now offers Canvas Organics customers a new, effortless way to receive their cannabis…..via delivery.

Through Priscotty, customers can order cannabis online at Canvas Organics, prepay for their order, select a time slot for delivery at their convenience, and get it delivered to their location of choice. Priscotty pickups up the cannabis and delivers it to the customer in as soon as ONE HOUR!

Here’s how it works:

Customers can initiate a weed delivery order through Priscotty by heading over to Canvas Organics Priscotty Page. Customers can select from a wide range of cannabis products, they can shop by categories or by-products. Customers can shop both recreational and medical menus by selecting from the drop down at the top right. Medical patients don't pay any taxes!

Once a customer places products in their shopping cart and clicks checkout, they will navigate to over to the checkout page. Customers will enter their information, and upload a picture of their state ID.

They will then select delivery as the purchase type, and fill in their address. Customers will be charged a delivery fee that is calculated by the distance their delivery location is to the store as follows:

1-5 miles = $10

6-10 miles = $15

11-15 miles = $20

Customers will then choose if they want to pay via cash or online payment through Dutchie Pay. Dutchie Pay is a federally compliant payment application for the cannabis space that allows customers to conveniently pay for their purchases with their bank account.

The customer will choose a 2-hour delivery window that best suits their needs. Please note customers will need to sign for the package upon delivery so it is best to choose a window where they can personally receive it!

If a customer is a medical patient, they can enter their medical number in order to save on paying the New Mexico recreational cannabis tax.

Once the weed order is placed, customers will receive text updates via their phone for delivery and a tracking link to track their cannabis delivery driver. Customers will be notified when the order is ready for pickup by Priscotty, when it's en route, and when it has arrived!

When the cannabis delivery arrives Priscotty’s driver will ask to check the customer's license to make sure it matches the name on the order and will get a signature to confirm that the weed delivery was received. If customer selects cash as the method of payment, they will then pay the driver the amount on the order receipt.

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